Friday, 21 October 2016

Video trailers for books

We had a lot of fun in class this week creating video trailers for a few of our favourite books. It's an exciting way to get the children to collaborate and produce some ICT work based around reading. Because the amount of text that can be used is limited, it's important for them to select their words carefully and plan how to 'hook' the viewer, as well as think about what type of atmosphere they want to create.

Below is the video that we produced for the new book by Gareth P. Jones, The Thornthwaite Inheritance. The text and dialogue in the clip was based on the blurb of the book and on what we already knew about the characters. The whole process, including filming and editing, took about two hours. We put the video together using Movie Maker, and then uploaded it onto YouTube when we had finished.

Here is the video that we created for the 2013 Summer Reading Challenge.

We're also working on a trailer for John Dougherty's new Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face book, which will hopefully be ready quite soon. There's currently a rumour flying around that Deer Class are going to be asked to make the official trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII...

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